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Thread: Buccleuch estates

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    Buccleuch estates

    I'll be working on this estate in a few weeks time, for a couple of days. Does anyone have a contact for some stalking while I'm there?

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    Scotland or England? He does own a fair bit of land!

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    I stalk & shoot with one of the rangers regularly & Buccleuch Estates are clients of mine but to the best of my knowledge all the shooting is handled as a commercial enterprise with the Duke having to buy days on his own ground.

    Which estate will you be visiting?

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    Take your pick..... Buccleuch

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    If your round the Selkirk area, jamross65 isn't far away.

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    If you're at Queensbury/Drumlanrig you could do a lot worse than get in touch with SolwayStalker. He has ground with red, roe and boar that is only a short drive away.

    Also be sure to try fishing the three beats on the Nith, or the Association water just below. Rab is (or at least was) the ghillie
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    You're right, he's a massive land owner. I'm visiting the farm manager Sion at Bowhill near Selkirk. It'd be a shame not to take my rifle...

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    You'll definitely be able to get some stalking around there, perhaps even on the Bowhill estate. It's probably best just to call the estate office if you want to stalk on Buccleuch land, otherwise there are any number of people who could take you out around there.

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    The biggest private landowner in Europe!

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    Old Chookie was once called in by his accountants in Edinburgh to see if some cost cutting could help with the annual accounts. He asked where savings could be made and the cute suits asked him if he really needed FIVE full time pastry chefs.... His reply was in a stern voice... " a man needs a biscuit"!!

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