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    Bone Saw

    I am on the verge of buying a breast bone saw as I can't get on with the thing I got from Bush Wear. I like the look of the Jager Sport / David Stretton pull saw so this is top of the shopping list. My question is are they one and the same or is one better than the other as there is 10 difference in cost.

    Does anyone have first hand experience of the David Stretton saw?


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    I got a David stretton from Donington Deer Management, ive used it three times in the last month and its great, I thought it to be better than the gerber type ones which have a stop on the end. As you say, the DS one works on pulling it, not pushing, so puncturing the gut is not an issue. Saves blunting your knife too. Very fast delivery also.

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    Don't want to cloud the water here but why do you need a breast bone saw? In the bad old days I used to cut the sternum during the field gralloch but now work on a minimum cut basis. The sternum does get cut but back at the larder using a proper bone saw. A proper bone saw is also useful for butchery whereas the smaller ones are less than ideal. Having said this, if you want one then go for it and Dave Stretton is definitely a great bloke to deal with. Nothing beats experience when it come to kit and Dave has plenty. JC

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    I have had one for about 8 yrs now, bought it from BDS when I did my L1. Cost 8.00 then. They work very well but can be a little difficult if you want a straight line as I find mine tends to wander from left to right when cutting the breast bone. Mind you that could just be my technique. The other thing is the plastic sleeve is crap, very flimsy maybe Ash could come up with something for it as there must be loads of us on the site that have these,


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    JC, the gralloch gets done how the head stalker wants it doing, hense the saw. I prefer to do it that way too be honest anyway.

    Thanks for the replies lads, the order is going in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treacle Trackpad View Post
    JC, the gralloch gets done how the head stalker wants it doing, hense the saw. I prefer to do it that way too be honest anyway.

    Thanks for the replies lads, the order is going in.
    Can't say fairer than that!

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    What about using a pair of secateurs? I'm using a pair bought from B&Q and, at least for roe and muntjac, they work very well.
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    Bought a packet of stainless 22" blades (24 for 30 ) off fleabay. Use with a bushman handle. No problems. Next beast will see the 2nd blade come into use. I also get the shank bones from the butcher for the dogs and cut my own sizes. 2 years from the first blade I will be 108 by the time I run out,

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    Ive never been keen on bone saws, a pain when cutting briskets.

    A run of the mill Sandvik joiners saw is the way forward
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    I have had a bushwear bush saw for years, and think it works fantastic it can run off the straight line but if you make a cut along the breast plate with your knife first as a guide its not to bad. I also modified the inside edge of the stop into a gut hook, and it works better than any gut hook I have seen before. you can go from end to end never having to worry about cutting anything but the skin and you have a good t handle compared to a knife.

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