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Thread: 8x57IR - stockists?

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    8x57IR - stockists?

    Hi all, looking for a source of 8x57 IR factory ammo - failing that brass and .318 SP heads...

    Anyone know of a reliable stockist or importer?

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    Yes! Cases...try Norman Clark, in Rugby, he had some cases in his "odd n' sods of brass" bins on Saturday when I visited. 8x57JRS actually I think but they will size down to tkae your .318" bullets. The .318" bullets might be more of an issue.

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    cheers chap - its a start!

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    If your 8x57IR dies leave the neck not tight enough, you can ( at least with the Lee dies ) buy a .318 expander ball to change out for the .323 ball.

    I load for an 8x57I in 1888 Commission Rifle, using the 170-gr FN bullets for the .32-40 Winchester, which are .321 inch. So are the bullets in the Remington 170-gr RN 8x57IS ammunition, which is a mild load (2,360 FPS from a 24-inch barrel), and works in my old 1890 vintage 8x57I without any pressure issues, at 2,400 fps.

    Woodleigh makes bullets in .318.
    Sellier & Bellot has 196-gr ammunition for 8x57IR, and brass and bullets.

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    jcf1 I have a full box of Sellior & Bellot .318" 196grn SP bullets. Drop me an email if you are interested and we can see if we can meet f2f sometime. I am looking for 25 for a box of 100.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    That would be great chap - thank you. I'll send you a mail.

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    Any guidance on starting loads/load data would also be very gratefully received!

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    What kind of 8x57IR double rifle or combination gun do you have?
    What powders do you have for it?
    Have you already found commercial ammunition which shoots to the sights for it? 196-gr at 2,400 fps would be the normal regulation load.

    I load the 195/196/200 gr bullets in my 8x57IS, and 8x60S, but only lighter bullets in my old .318 bore 8x57I and my 8x57JIRS combination gun. But I have accumulated all sorts of loads for all of these. And several hunters on here load for their 8x57IRS. Norma makes 8x57IRS ammunition and brass. Buffalo Bore, here in the USA, sells .318 bullets.

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    Hi Southern - its a 16g over 8x57IR drilling. Made by Waffenhaus Munzel in Koblenz (now closed). But in terms of loads - I'm in the dark. Have no idea what commercial rounds work in it so it'll be fun getting it shooting!

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    You can download the Norma loading data for the 8x57JRS here:

    8x57JRS; 8x68S; 8x60; ...

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