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Thread: lens care

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    lens care

    what do you use to keep your lenses clean im scared to touch mine in case i wreck the coatings thanx

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    I clean mine only when they're noticably grubby, which is generally very seldom.
    I brush dust/grit off with a soft blower-brush, flush with clean water and then wipe gently with a clean microfibre cloth.
    If needed, I use some kind of alcohol-based solution for the final wipe - depends what sort of crud they've attracted.

    Bizarre, perhaps, considering the frequency with which I clean my rifles.

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    I'm using a lens 'pen' designed for cameras - about the size and shape of a marker pen, one end is a brush to get rid of loose dirt or dust, the other is a circular flat/slightly concave disc that is used in a circular motion to 'polish' the lens. This has been brilliant and is easy to carry with me too.

    What I'd be interested in is what people use to clean the glass of their bins with - I noticed after a recent stalk that as I'd had to crawl through damp grass, the front lenses now have streaky marks on them, and this is not removed when using the above pen... As Pault says, I don't want to ruin the coatings, so what should I use to get the glass back to its optimum clarity?


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    Pippa, if you wash your bins under the tap as I do, this shifts the dust & crap by the flushing action, if I let it dry without cleaning off with a proper dry lens cloth, I get streaks left behind, this is also what happens when rain is left to dry on them, so wash em' under the tap & dry after with a lens cloth. Perfick!.
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    another thumbs up for the swaro cleaning kit

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    S+B cleaning kit for scopes and bins.


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    Dampened cotton wool balls works well for me just wipe gently and dont use the same side twice.

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    emailed zeiss and they sent me two boxes of lens wipes for free cant be bad

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    Use RO water from your local Fish shop [ pet fish ] This will not leave marks on glass !

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