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    Just something that came up in a converastion,,you have to put a deer out of its misery.3 good legs one smashed.
    You arrive to find joe public holding it flat on the ground with a sack over the deers head.
    They inform you that it tries to run off when,they let go.

    How would you guys deal with it.
    Regards Tony.

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    Shooting doesn't appear to be an option. Knife at the top of the sternum/low neck at the normal bleed point would do it. Atlas joint knife would render it motionless followed by bleed out as previous.
    If you haven't got a knife you can pinch the windpipe on a smallish deer much like a cheetah with an antelope, but don't use your teeth as it may cause alarm and distress to onlookers! A ball-pein hammer or similar to the forehead will also work, followed by the bleed out if possible. A captive bolt gun would work so you could call a vet or the RSPCA who often carry them. A close range chest shot would work from my silenced .410, but guns and public that close might not be a great idea?
    I've had several deer inside cars, a garage and even a kitchen before now! You just have to decide the safest and best option and get on with it to prevent further suffering. However, if there was any danger to human life, you could also just let it go!!

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    I have seen a woman driving a car which hit a pigeon go potty over the thought of humane despatch (the pigeon died within a minute) - I think in the hypothetical situation suggested the easiest solution would be to fully incapacitate the deer by wrapping it firmly in cloth - i carry one (old sheet torn up) and bag it (head) and remove it from the scene,promising to report back to one person. If its fit and you feel like it - take it to the vets/rspca. If you are hungry, tell the onlookers spokesperson later it didnt make it.
    Either way you can feel good at averting negative reactions and benefiting from a positive response or quite a few meals in the freezer.
    You could, alternatively, be macho, bleed it out and gralloch it at the kerbside - why not eat the liver raw too sliced if you have a bit of warm bread handy !

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    It's illegal to move an injured deer, and yes, I know the RSPCA do it all the time - illegally!

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    Do you have a link to that MS ?
    Not doubting you , just would love to read up on it & throw it into RSPCA face if situation ever arose


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    Quote Originally Posted by sauer View Post
    Do you have a link to that MS ?
    Not doubting you , just would love to read up on it & throw it into RSPCA face if situation ever arose

    It comes under the Animal Welfare act 2006, which although is predominantly aimed at domestic animals, also covers deer that have been captured.
    Like most things though, it is rather a grey area and I think it would be hard to press charges against someone who is trying to end suffering? For instance, moving an injured deer from the centre to the side of the road where it can be safely and swiftly dispatched? I often carry out humane dispatch for the RSPCA where they cannot cope and they are quite realistic about what needs to be done.

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    In this day and age of communication you need to be careful about just who is videoing using a mobile so additional caution is needed. Guns and public = risk, so in the circumstances you'd be better calling the police for assistance, asking for the public to be moved back to a "safe" distance, and a knife to just above the sternum twisted left/right to sever the main arteries. Forget the Atlas joint as in such situations, just finding it can be harder than most like to think! Also, if the deer is mobile enough to get up, you risk injury if messing about for too long next to it. I'd have the police to help, move the public, move the deer to the edge of the road (in the circumstances it should be fine plus don't want people to see/video blood) and quickly put it out of its misery.

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    Informing the police goes without saying if you use a gun. You may be required to be on a registered call-out list to respond with a firearm depending upon your local constabulary. I always ring up and get an event or CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) number so I am covered. I also do this when called out by the RSPCA as the police have no idea what they are up to! You also need to have a condition for Humane Dispatch on your FAC as well as an extension to normal stalking insurance policies which are normally provided free of charge by bodies such as BASC and BDS. If you are not sure what you are doing, best to just inform the police who will then call some mug like me out at some ungodly hour!

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    If in the new forest and its hit by a forester help them get it in the back of the car before the FC arrives, if it's a tourist, tell them they have killed one of the queens deer, but you will make sure it's sorted and they are to inform the police, ( all this was before mobile phones were common )

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    I'd bugger off and not get involved. Too much potential for a cluster **** with the public about. Deer can do quite well on three legs.

    Probably not a popular opinion on here...

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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