UNFENCED(NOT CAUGHT AND RELEASED)Traditional Driven "Wild "Boar Hunting Dec 2016 11-15 Fantastic trip for the discerning hunter.
Magnificent Hunting Lodge in state owned territory, single room occupancy all en suite, Full board(3x3 course meals a day)Max 10 guns. No uninvited guests ! Expected bag 50 Boar .Based on 1 in 3 shots(average bag 70)overages would apply. Transport to stands, virtually NO walking.Chaperone to assist you through out the day--carry your bags ,gun, even load for you if you have a double.NO TROPHY FEES ALL BOAR MAY BE SHOT. Includes all transfers,and flights. 3,700 ,just your drinks and tips to find. For more info contact through www.boarguru.co.uk .THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE !