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Thread: Zeiss Account Manager

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    Zeiss Account Manager

    Hi there fellow followers.

    Just a a quick insight to my world right now. I'm sat in a hotel away from home yet again after going out for a great days stalking with one of customers.

    My role is to bridge the gap between Stockist, Dealers, Consumers, Professional Stalkers and Zeiss UK. I'm aware that information has been strained at best. We have always had an open door policy at Zeiss and we will always try to satisfy our consumers and our dealer community. I am very passionate about my job and my customers and I'm here to assist as best as I can.

    Drop me a PM or contact me if you would like to know any about Zeiss products or services??

    We have many top dealers up and down the country who sell the best Zeiss optics ranging from our NEW Terra ED to the Victory range.

    Marc Overton
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    Please source sunshades to fit 56mm Diavari. If you can't provide your own please post thread diameter and pitch so we can source our own.



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    And for 50mm victory FL please
    asked customer services 3 times over the past 14 months and no response

    welcome, by the way!

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    Welcome to the SD

    three requests

    1) please start making the 7x42 BGAT* again. You still do the traditional 8x56, but they are really too heavy for general every day use.

    2) please start making the little 3-9x36 scope and if could do a 1.5 - 6 x36 that would be really good as well. Please reticle in which ever focal plane so that it is non magnifying that would be perfect

    3) and now that Schmidt and Bender, Swarovski etc have all stopped making a 6x42 scope, there is a huge hole in the market for a simple quality stalking scope. We don't all want nor can massive huge big v12 type scopes.

    And please back to the classic gloss black finish, rather than a grey or mucky brown crinkle type finish. Rubber armoured objective lenses housings are not bad either.

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    is there an ocular lens cap for the V8?

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    Got a pair of 7 x 42 BGAT so I am fixed up there, but I would think a few other people would like the opportunity to own them. I am sure there would be a demand for a re-issue of the diatals, possibly with illuminated reticles, so you could kill two birds with one stone, have a nice fine central part of the reticle for normal use when you want precision and a dot for first and last light.

    Best wishes,


    PS I could be persuaded to test the 7 x 50 prototype free of charge over the long term.
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    Hi Marc and welcome to the SD forum,

    I love zeiss glass but I can't reach the top of the range stuff or the new uk supported models, but I do have the conquest range here at home and find it very disappointing that the uk side of Zeiss will not help when we have issues, let's face it, it can't be doing the company name any harm when someone sees your name on a rifle scope irrespective if it's a terra or a conquest model,

    I feel it will have an effect in the future as and when wemhave a problem with your conquest that you can't get fixed because it's not supported in the uk but bares your name, your once trusted user may well shop with other scope manufacturing companies that support all their scopes weather purchased here or elsewhere,

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    And for 50mm victory FL please
    asked customer services 3 times over the past 14 months and no response

    welcome, by the way!
    Hi, the quick answer is we only do 50' & 56' objectives for the Victory HT and Victory V8. There will be no plans for producing a flip up cover for older stock that will be phased out by the V8 range.

    We we only have one line in the Diavari left. I'm guessing this may end too eventually with the emerging V8 success. Sorry.

    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    is there an ocular lens cap for the V8?
    Certainly not Zeiss made anyway. ��

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    Talk about a baptism of fire! I'm sat here laughing thinking Marc is probably already regretting his OP.
    I'm an S+B man myself, so I at least won't be heaping anymore work on top of what he already has to deal with.
    Regardless of this welcome aboard Marc, and good luck. Hope you don't end up with too many dents in your tin hat.

    ATB Lee

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