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Thread: Driven Boar Scope

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    Driven Boar Scope

    I am looking for a low mag illuminated driven Boar scope.

    Looking for something in the 1.1-4x24 or similar must be illuminated and would prefer a high end one. Money waiting for the right thing.

    Please pm or reply on the thread.

    Thanks Andy7mm
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    Please note that you need 30 posts before offering items for sale.

    Thank you
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    I have Swarovski PVI 1,25-4x24 illuminated dot 4, no signs of use. Price 600GBP posted and insured.

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    Hi Boarboy,
    its me yes ---THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE BOARGURU !

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    Zeiss Victory HT - Ring Mount
    1.1-4x24 Reticle (60)

    great scopes ����

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    If you are on a budget I would recommend the 1-4 x 24 Vortex Crossfire 2 on a 30mm tube with an illuminated 4a style reticule. I have just put one on my under lever Marlin for close up wood stalking and pig hunting and it's an awesome piece of kit. I have plenty of the German offerings on other rifles and I have to say the Vortex is amazing plus great eye relief and a nice quality red dot illumination. I don't know how they do it for the money.

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