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Thread: Brownells postage

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    Brownells postage

    Hi everyone

    Ive placed an order with Brownells last monday (week ago) for some gun parts, nothing restricted.

    still not received and apparently still in transit even with a postal charge of 8.50 for a screw and a small rod !

    any one else ordered with Brownells and how long did you wait.

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    I was looking to purchased some brass from them last week, then got to the check out bit where it states all orders are shipped from brownells usa, so allow 7-10 working days,


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    It is located out in the Midwest so expect some delays due to the sprinkling of white that they have had over there since last Friday.

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    If the tracking number is showing as 'advised' then the delivery is still on its way to the UK.
    When the delivery company have the item you then start getting tracking details.

    I placed two orders before Christmas and they both arrived in just over a week.

    Im still waiting for my back ordered item to come into stock, 15/12/15

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