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Thread: gun shops

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    gun shops

    ok heres one for all the reloading gurus,
    i recently visited a couple of different gunshops and had a quick chat about reloading, as it's something i am considering. now on my fac i'm only allowed to purchase 80 rounds at any one time, one shop said that doesn't apply to reloading components as they aren't written down on your fac, and i can have as many bullets etc as i require. the other gunshop said that this does relate to components and i will only be able to buy 80 bullets at a time,(shame they are in boxes of 100)
    so who is correct?

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    I will be interested to see how this one turns out, it is my understanding that, only loaded rounds count against your allowance.
    i asked my FEO a couple of years ago and thats what i was told. I never buy any centrefire ammo as i reload for all my rifles so as a result there is nothing entered on my ticket. someone has told me that they are entering primers onto tickets now so that might help, has anyone else heard that?

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    Not 100%, but i have never been asked how many bullet heads i have in stock , expanding or FMJ, even the FEO was not interested in my reloading, best thing to do is ring your FEO and speak to him as you do not say what calibre you wish to reload as this will have a bearing on being allowed expanding, thinking african calibres here, some bullet heads come in 50's in larger cals for brands such as nosler


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    you only need to show your FAC for primers i have not had any recorded, bought some from norman clarkes these were LR mag primers

    sorry for two posts

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    i do a bit of reloading
    and these are the problems i encounter
    for primers i only hav to show a valid ticket like i do when buying shotguns shells, before long they will make it so you hav to put primers down on you ticket
    but heads are different i believe, as they are inert you do not need to put them on your ticket only when they are loaded and then are classed as ammunition then hav to be written on
    but in my area w.mids all the suppliers i deal with hav been notified by the local authority that they hav to put the amount of heads on the ticket just as if they were ammunition
    a freind of mine has a shop in shropshire and he has to write the number of heads down as if they are ammunition
    i wonder how long it will be before all reloaders will hav to be registered

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    243 win,
    its a 6.5x55. the shop that said i could have what i wanted, did say that they would only be able to let me purchase primers suitable for the caliber on my fac, but that i wouldn't be limited to a set quantity.

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    just seen wot you wrote , i recently bought some heads of Norman clarke and he had to put the amount of heads on my ticket ( dean did) and pete starley (if you use him) has been putting heads on my ticket for over 3 years but my flo never asks about heads only ammunition when he comes round to check i take it your with leek wooton as they seem to hav different ideas to w.mids

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    Hello all,

    I purchase my heads via internet shopping, there is no asking of my FAC. As I see it heads are inert. You can buy inert heads from eBay! I have bought primers without having to produce my FAC. Powder on the other hand, they always ask for my FAC.


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    All of my heads are put onto my FAC have been for years.

    Steyr .308 where do you get your heads, I would welcome being able to have a bigger choice. I am pretty restricted for choice from my local shop up here, they do not always have want I want and I have to settle for what they have.


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    I may possibly be wrong.. and often am but I checked this out a little while ago for a client of mine..
    expanding ammunition type heads are not innert, possesion of one of these little beauties alone carries 7 or 10 years max without a section 5 variation, if you post these you are in deep doo doo

    FMJ's on the other hand and lead non expandings are not subject to any control whatsoever .. can be posted
    The primers were not actually regulated either as with blank ammo..
    but I am not aware that this has now changed, however things do seem to be regulated by "conditions" placed on RFD's & FAC holders in different ways in each area by different Constabularies to circumvent the statutary provisions when it doesn't float their boat so to speak..
    but when it actually comes down to it in actual legal terms for possesion of non expanding components you do not even need an FAC until the bullet is assembled.

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