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Thread: .224 Berger 53gr XLC solid copper

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    .224 Berger 53gr XLC solid copper

    the precursor to the infamous TSX and TTSX

    these are a solid copper alloy bullet with a small hollow point

    Excellent weight retention, penetration and expansion
    not banded like the TSX but not a major issue in such a small calibre

    Box of 50, unopened

    (Equivalent TSX is 40)
    collected F2F Edinburgh Lothian Borders Fife or by arrangement

    Barnes XLC Field Report - Forums

    "This was my first experience with Barnes bullets on game. With this kind of performance, though, I don't think it will be my last"

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    Interesting. Are they longer than lead ones of the same weight? I suppose they must be if the metal is less dense.

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    little bit but not massively

    53gr XLC (secont ogive) - 19.73mm
    53gr Norma Soft Point (slightly less pointy) - 18.35mm

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