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Thread: .223Rem and Vectan SP-10

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    .223Rem and Vectan SP-10

    I'm planning to reload for my .223 and would appreciate a few pointers.

    It has a 13.5" barrel with a 1 : 8 twist.

    I picked up a tub of Vectan SP-10 and a box of 69gr Sierra MatchKings, as these are regularly available from my local dealer and hopefully this will avoid any future supply issues.

    Has anyone previous experience of loading with this combination?

    I have a copy of Vectan's loading data to work from but any useful information or suggested starting loads would be appreciated.

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    I just looked at Vectan's online data & SP-10 is shown for bullets up to 55 grains max weight. You can't sensibly use that data for your 69 grain bullets, it could lead to massive over pressures.

    What is the exact data that you have? Does it cover your 69 grain bullet weight?

    Powder & bullet makers' "book" loads less 10% is the safe place to start - then work up looking for pressure signs when fired in your rifle.


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    Yes, I noticed that Vectan's online data does not cover a big variety of bullet weights.

    Fortunaely the printed data I got from the dealer covers a bigger range of bullet weights and types, up to (I think) at least 77 grains.

    I can't recall if it specifically covers a 69 grain but I will be able to check when I get in from work.

    I was essentially looking for any useful pointers from anyone who has used this combination before, to supplement the load data I already have.

    BTW, I already reload in a range of other calibres, but the .223 rifle is a relatively recent addition.
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