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Thread: 243 win cases

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    243 win cases

    hi has anyone got any 243 win cases, norma or lapua for sale, once fired is ok, just to get me started regards dave.

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    Not quite wahat your looking for but I have loads of sako 243 brass, prepped (re sized, trimmed, primer pocket uniformed) that have been weight sorted

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    I might have some Sako, I will look later for you

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    hi nothing wrong with sako brass. are they once fired and if so how much do you want thxs dave.

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    Have 243 win brass,
    fed x 100 in 20 round boxes,
    norma x 10,
    win x 103

    make me an offer,
    as there no good to me,

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    thxs sassman my mate just called he is coming over tonight with some but thxs for your kind offer dave.

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