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Thread: My trip over to the UK...Februar 2015... Part I

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    My trip over to the UK...Februar 2015... Part I

    Hello All!

    According to our swapping around activities and the possibilities offered through this, some true friendships developed... In a century of smartphones and a very quick and almost constantly exchange of news and media, we established a little whatsapp-group, called TeamStalkingDirectory. Actually we got 19 members on it, a bunch of open minded, more or less crazy folks, sharing the same passion and living the spirit of stalking...

    A couple of months ago my good friend Wayne D. came up with the idea of a little come together at his place, doing some stalking, hunting together and getting some faces to names (and silly posts). What a great and very generous idea!

    Wayne and me also had an invite from a member of here to give it a try on a CWD, so a shedule was set up to follow this very generous offer first, before meeting the others.

    After another quick flight into Birmingham, another quick collection from Wayne and an easy drive, we arrived, had a lovely supper in a local pub and got ready to meet Andy, our host for the planned two outings on a CWD.

    A warm "Hello!" and "Welcome!", a quick change into hunting clothes and geared up, and off we went for our first stalk:

    A nice but chilly afternoon, we entered the first fields near by a huge factory and a motorway in sight, and sure enough, CWD all over the place!

    Now I learned another lesson on this so different deer species: Andy was using a apotting scope, mounted on a very heavy and solid tripod.
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    Thats obviously the only way to judge the sex and quality of trophy (tusks)... These beasts are so difficult to judge and their long tusks also hide well in the white and long hair along the jawbone.

    Andy explained a lot about their behaviour and development, his way of management and stalking them, and sorry mate, I did ask you a lot....
    The amount of deer grazing on the fields was incredible, on every step another animal got up and run off like a hare, we must have seen something like 50+ animals on this early afternoon stalk..!

    Unfortunately we couldnt get onto a big boy, and I denied to shoot any promising youngster, because I learned that those will usually be a trophy the next year(s), so why killing some potential income for Andy? (He takes out a number of paying clients) I just enjoyed the scenery, all that deer around us, the good company of Andy and Wayne and all the information I got about CWD, plus the general chatting about stalking, and our little world of hunting in general....
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    We settled in on a bank with a perfect view across two vast fields with about 15-18 CWD wandering around, appearing and disappearing, we checked and scanned them again and again, unfortunately the expected buck didnt show up...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The next morning found us back on the same spot, all CWD around us, of course, another scanning and spotting of this tricky little critters, but no shot taken again.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Andy, a true Thank You for your kind and generous invite (I will be back, thats a promise!), those were two very spectacular outings on an extraordinary ground. I enjoyed that a lot and your company, the talking to you was good fun!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Nice Michael! As you know I had a very similar experience with Andy, althoug successful! A top guy and guide and one of the good ones. Good write up.

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    top bloke andy

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    Sounds like some great outings ��
    Better luck next time.

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