Time for a quick shift back to Waynes place to experience some extraordinary stalking with him, this time on known ground and on known species....

Wayne remembered my wish to give it a try for a fallow, which would mean to accomplish my mission for all 6 UK deer species (and I got goats too already, so only a UK boar missing...), and especially a nice fallow buck would be something....
On a sunny, but windy and chilly afternoon we went on an highseat where Wayne had seen a nice buck a couple of days before. We waited, and waited, the only movement was caused by a little Munty which crisscrossed along a hedgerow and disappeared soon. Nothing else this evening.
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Back home, a little and tasty Chinese Take Away, some beer and back to bed.

The next morning generous Mr. Davies took me to a ground he stalks on, where I had never been before: We parked the truck and trailer (now I know why we took the quadbike with us...) and followed a farm track downhill towards a steep bank, some grassy fields below, some single trees on them, and a large block of forestland behind that.
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While glassing the meadows below us, we spotted a group of fallow, sheltered in the far corner, well hidden under some larger trees. We made our way downhill, got in range and glassed that group of does and kids again. There was one doe in it, which was limbing badly, obviously with a broken leg from getting stucked in one of those fences, so she was my aim No. 1.

I laid down in the grass, got ready and tried to find her getting steady, finally, I thought it would have been my chance, squeezed the trigger, and...Missed!

The hole group emerged now out of its shelter, but well covered by one of those single trees, but finally a young doe stepped forward, perfectly broadside..... Down she is!

Mission accomplished, UK deer species No. 6 on the ground for me...!
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A check up on the first shot showed and ensured the clean miss.
Sure enough, Wayne is on the move already, a slow and intense woodland stalk with more than enough very, very promising fresh tracks and trails, but nothing to be seen...
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Then...Up the steep bank again. I guess I got to loose some weight soon.
On the other side of the farm road we stalk along a hedgerow towards a large field of game cover. Sure enough, that fields holds a large group of fallow in it too!
Slowly and carefully we try to sneak up on them, the wind is a bit tricky too.... They got out of sight and when we thought to be in a good position, we realized, they got spooked and went already way over into the next valley, only their tales waving "Goodbye".
Bugger, but thats hunting, so back to the truck, getting the quadbike ready and a fairly easy recovery of the carcass up the bank.
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