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Thread: Muntjac (Ipswich) area

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    Muntjac (Ipswich) area

    Firstly thank you all for your replies to the Muntjac stalking Ipswich, I have now taken two people from the 30+ list so I think we have it covered now.
    Again thank you for your time in replying at length and good luck with your stalking.
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    Great offer,

    unfortunately i live 4 hr drive away,

    top man



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    Bugger,same here great offer,

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    I've travelled 5.5 hours for these beauties and I'll happily do it again. Is is a superb offer. Apparently they are only up as far as south Preston and not many.

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    Thank you for your response to the offer of muntjac stalking, as you all thought I have a lot of response to this, please allow me to see what comes in over the weekend so that I can filter through the replies, but I would ask that people who do reply should be fairly local to Ipswich.

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    jesus christ what next i suppose you will be wanting us to supply are own rifle and ammo FREELOADER!
    very generous offer john norris i hope it goes to somone who deserves it and who realises the oppertunity they have been given

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    Im only an hour from you

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    Top man John Norris. Hopefully some guys off here can get some good munty experience. Would you be able to offer some gralloching tuition for the lucky stalkers too John? I would hate to think that they weren't getting good value

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