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Thread: Air rifle licensing in Scotland

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    Air rifle licensing in Scotland

    Supposedly from April we in Scotland will need to have our air weapons registered / licences etc. April is only 9 weeks away and there is absolutely no information any where about this nor any press releases, advertising etc. Even the shotgun / firearms licensing pages on police Scotland website has nothing that I can see. Has any body a clue?

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    What an utter load of badly thought out, politically driven, hopelessly implemented cr@p.

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    Nope, like you I have seen zero information on this and only heard about it from a mate at the weekend!

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    If you have a shotgun cent or firearm cert you are covered until they run out

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    Are those of us with FACs/SGCs not OK until we are up for renewal again, or have I just made that up? What I mean is we won't need an airgun permit until then, 2019 in my case.

    I'm fairly sure I've not just made it up...........!!


    PS - Ranger beat me to it!!

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    From SACS facebook page - join a decent shoot organisation and you would already know this

    Airgun Licensing DELAYED:
    The start date for Airgun Licensing has been postponed until June/July. ...
    Contrary to other rumours, this delay is due to the ‘purdah’ period before the Scottish elections. Airgun licensing is going ahead as planned.
    SACS will continue to challenge this silly law, but we will keep members up to date with important information. It is vital you know how to stay within the new law.
    Airgun security:
    Responsible airgun owners already take sensible precautions to ensure safe storage of their airguns. This includes taking reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised under-18s from gaining access to airguns as required by s.46, Crime and Security Act 2010.
    In regard to Scottish Airgun Licensing, SACS have successfully argued that it would be disproportionate for airguns to require the same high standard of security as shotguns and rifles.
    The Guidance document is yet to be finalised, but unless under 18s are present, we believe that airguns may now not need to be locked away. Where appropriate, a simple trigger lock may be deemed sufficient security.
    Clearly, if you have under 18s in your house you should still follow the requirements of s.46 Crime and Security Act 2010 and lock airguns away if you can.
    Reasonable security precautions are your responsibility, but at this stage SACS would suggest the following as best practice for the future:
    - store your airgun out of sight and separately from pellets
    - use some form of trigger lock or other suitable security mechanism to prevent unauthorised access
    - when unauthorised/uncertificated under-18s are present, use a robust, lockable cupboard and keep the keys separate and secure
    - always store your airgun inside a house rather than in an outbuilding, such as a shed
    - never store a cocked or loaded airgun
    - when using your airgun, keep it under close supervision and never leave it unattended
    Airgun licensing fitness test:
    For non FAC and SGC holders, after discussions SACS welcomes Police Scotland’s proportional approach to suitability checks on applicants. Basically, if you would pass Disclosure checks (to work with children/vulnerable people) then you will more than likely be issued with an Air Weapon Certificate (AWC). Checks will include criminal records, other relevant databases and background checks. Police Scotland simply does not have the resources available to carry out the extended suitability checks as for firearm and shotgun certificates.
    For those with criminal convictions and/or previous FAC/SGC revocations each case will be considered on its merits.
    SACS does not agree with Airgun Licensing, but we have successfully pressed for fairness and proportionality in the proposed system. We work hard to remove the devil from the detail and will continue to update and support members.

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    I believe it has been delayed until July 2016, don't know the exact reason but I suspect it has a lot with Police Scotland not being ready to cope with this additional burden at this time. Unfortunately it's definately coming and your firearm or shotgun will permit you to possess airguns until next renewal.

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    So, here we have members of a stalking / shooting forum, so obviously "in to" firearms, and they don't have a clue. What chance has young Johnny and his school age mates got of knowing what's happening ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodp View Post
    So, here we have members of a stalking / shooting forum, so obviously "in to" firearms, and they don't have a clue. What chance has young Johnny and his school age mates got of knowing what's happening ?
    Sod all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Haggis Hunter View Post
    Sod all.


    And before they know it they'll be up on firearms charges and their future ruined

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