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Thread: Muntjac Southwest England

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    Muntjac Southwest England

    Hi,where have Muntjac reached?
    Where in Cornwall,Devon,Dorset or Somerset have you seen them in what sort of numbers?


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    Bristol, Bath and Frome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
    Bristol, Bath and Frome
    Large numbers?

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    theres a lot of muntjac around the bath area i stalk munties within about a 10-15min drive from bath

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    I have never seen any, however have found a muntjac skull in a woodland near to Okehampton

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Large numbers?
    North of the river avon plenty of em, south they are around but not so you could guarantee getting let alone seeing one but they are there.

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    Nailsea and Clevedon

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    Apparently the odd one near Exeter, i saw one near Manaton 2 years ago.

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    Several seen in Crediton area Devon. South Glos holds them but they are ellusive to say the least. We go for months without seeing any and then they just seem to be about. Buggers to shoot.


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    Longleat area plenty. Shot 25 last winter just about averaging 1 each outing. not been out nearly as much this winter and a bit down on the average but the weather has not helped. Pass up all the roe to leave for clients and tend to leave the fallow for others as well unless it's the right animal in the right place. That way I can concentrate more so on the muntjac.

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