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Thread: I've missed Foxing

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    I've missed Foxing

    Hello all
    I wanted to post a few lines to tell you about Sunday nights little foxing trip. I want to do this for several reasons, I quite like writing about my little forays, and I believe the more items are posted on every type of shooting topic the more we keep the site fresh and alive.

    I have been neglecting my mistress over the past few months ( just in case the misses reads this ) not the sultry brunet that’s lurks in my dreams ……but …….the elusive cunning red head that I have chased for the best part of 30yrs .

    I have not been out for the best part of two months , this is for several reasons .

    Rain , work ,more rain, family commitments , rain and did I mention …rain ..rain ..rain ..rain & more rain . The thought of traipsing through fields that were either submerged or looked like WW1 trench systems has beat me.

    Well things fell in place for the Sunday no work , kids sorted and weather looking good . On the Saturday I dodged some showers and took my beloved foxing tool , my .204 Ruger for a quick zero session . She was shooting spot on ( 1” high @ 100m ) .
    Well to break myself back in it wasn’t going to be a lengthy all night session ( back to the brunet in my dreams again ) but a bit of Glamping not lamping .
    “Glamping” ……is sat on my fat ass in one of my high seats trying to get Mr Fox to come to me .
    I was well prepared , wrapped up warm for the wait , Avex thermal cup full of tea ( I recon one of the best thermal cups out there ) Fox Pro caller & some manual calls , NM800 spotter & rifle light on red led ( I’ve not yet converted to NV gunsight yet I’m still 50 /50 ) I have got a limited NV spotter but used mostly for rats and rabbits .

    Left the house nice and early , perhaps a bit too early ….oh yes I remember why , houseful of girls all wanting to wash and blow dry their hair for Monday and catch up watching the “Voice” .
    Due to my lack of being out foxing recently I was quite nervous and filled with anticipation. I always enjoy my foxing outings ( Not the best place to say this but sometimes more than my deer stalks ) this the longest I’ve not been foxing for yrs.
    My high seat is 10 feet high sat against a big old fat sycamore tree , it gives me a great vantage over the 50 acre field directly in front good partial view of the 70 acre to my left and partial views of my right and several fields over .

    I’d positioned my Fox Pro (FP) 80m to the 2 o’clock of my position as foxes tend to approach from the 9 to 10 o’clock on this field as this will give them a greater exposure at my high seat.

    There was an amazing full moon this night that would show itself between the wave of clouds that journeyed across the nights sky, between these clouds I’d almost get daylight illumination of the ground around about me, it was fantastic .

    I ran the FP intermittently on a few types of rabbit distress calls ….but I don’t know why , it didn’t seem like the right call , I don’t know why buy it just didn’t .

    Had a slurp of tea and picked chicken distress, ran this off/on for less than 8 mins when I got a big eye shine from to my left, dipped the light onto the fox which appeared to be just mooching about. I watched with my NV spotter but at 300+m it was at the spotters limit .
    Foxy seemed to be “worming “ just feeding off the worms on the wet ground at 265m—275m just nose down snouting[ng1] about, I’d give a caller blast it would have a sit listen look in my direction but made absolutely no attempt to come in I tried several times .

    It looks a big fox on a couple of occasions it went into the hedge out of sight , I decided that this Fox wasn’t going to try and come in closer and the shot need to be taken.

    So my dilemma Foxy at 265m—275m I haven’t been out shooting in some time and questioned the shot a tad( I’m not great shot more a comfortable shot )

    I had put a few shots through the rifle the day before and she was spot on ....also ….I have been using this rifle over the past 5 -6 yrs and we have spent many many hours together and without trying to seem like bragging or boasting the shot was within my abilities .

    I watched the fox in the scope with the NM800 giving me light @ 265-275m and with a blast of the moonlight Foxy was almost silhouetted like daylight against the field .

    I wanted to take this shot , foxy was presenting a great broadside picture I was confident in my abilities . So without sounding like an episode of the “shooting show” I looked through my Z6I on x10 mag I put the illuminated dot on the foxes back estimating the distance at 265m—275m then put the dot a whisker below the top line of this touched the trigger and ….BANG ….well ….WHOOP really ( mod) .

    Looking through the scope saw the fox collapse then heard the solid ….THWAAK off the bullets impact . I had a wave of elation that I hadn’t messed up the shot and confidence again in my kit.

    Fox left there a short 2-3 min break calm myself down slurp of tea then caller run on chicken distress , 3-4 mins later in comes foxy No2 from 7 o’clock steaming up to 11 o’clock . Confidence now gained from the 1st shot , No 2 fox stops at 200m and has a hedge between it and the caller but stands side on looking towards the caller.
    Drop the dot onto the H/L area fox glances towards the red light and …Bang …its down a very solid hit impact report back.

    I’m over the moon haven’t been out for weeks and bagged two so far . Finished the last of my tea savoured the beautiful moon light evening and ran a 3min self-made intermittent distress sequence that has calls & silences .
    Ran this for 3 sequences when in came a fox straight at the caller , I paused the caller and the fox looked a bit bemused as to where the noise had gone . I put the red light on it and put the caller on low volume and the fox just trotted straight in .

    I was confident the fox would of got to the caller but at 120m I paused caller and as fox stopped & faced me I dropped the dot to its bib and No 3 down.

    All foxes collected and on examination all in A1 condition the 1st fox seemed big but on examination he was a big boy he was at least a 1/3 bigger & lot heavier than the others .
    My electronic scales were out of battery but as a good estimate Fox No 2 dog fox 17lbs—18lbs . Fox No 3 Vixen 15lbs , Fox No 1 23—25lbs which for my neck of the woods is a reasonably big fox .
    So 3 shots fired out of my beloved .204 using 32 gr Zmax from ranges of 270m---120m & 3 foxes in the bag dropped to the shot.

    I hope you didn’t mind my waffling and hope you enjoyed the read




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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Couldn't post on original thread

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    Some well conditioned fox there.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Thanks for posting, enjoyed reading it


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    Nice write up, fantastic quarry to keep you sharp! also keeps me in contact with all my farmers through out the year...

    Stalking is very much like going to the night club

    You can always tell an Essex Boy, just you cant tell him much...

    An hour in the field is worth a week of typing trash.....

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    Enjoyed this story thank you. Reminds me to get out soon with the 204r

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    Nice shooting and a good read as well.

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    Well done, good writeup and excellent shooting. That 204 is a cracking round, those that I know with one reckon it's the best ever.
    As for taking that first shot at 250-275, well, anyone who has the confidence and ability to do that must be a very good shot indeed. Well done, again.
    That first fox is a big chap, don't see many that size. There must be some good feeding in your area.
    Keep at 'em

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    Cheers for the replies Gents .
    PeteL I do highly rate the .204 but that's possibly as I have one , what I do like about the calibre is
    1/ cheap to reload
    2/ almost no recoil
    3/ forgiving /easy to shoot calibre, what I mean is due to the velocity of the little bullet there is minimal bullet drop and windage to account for which in turn makes easier shooting under 350m.

    Thank you for the kind words of being a good shot ....but the optics the rifle and ammo combo will have to take the pat on the back for this one.

    Reference the Fox size , this peice of land has consistently produced big foxes I think it's due to it being on the urban rural divide , so Foxy can get what it wants from the land the top up from bins and back gardens .

    Waiting for this wind and rain to break to try and get a few more

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    Enjoyable read, its a great feeling when it all works out!

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