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Thread: Ember leaf knife warranty

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    Ember leaf knife warranty

    As a leaving present from the UK, I was given a cael ar made by emberleaf of Chichester, it was in a new steel developed for a major knife maker, ( I believe mine is the only one) after dressing a couple of deer with it I noticed some very small chips in the blade, I contacted emberleaf asking for some help perhaps with the sharpening angle, who replied, apologising, and sayin the knife would be replaced, and was there any particular handle material I would like, it's nice when company's , stand by there products and lifetime guarantee where ever you are in the world.

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    Always a pleasure to deal with these guys. They couldn't be any more polite/helpful.

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    Great guys, they have helped me with my knife making and they are always very generous with their knowledge. Top guys.

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