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Thread: Stock re-staining

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    Stock re-staining

    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if someone could help me out here! I'm about to strip the stock on my Sauer 202 to stain it darker, however when I've done this in the past I've always had a gloss finish, so my question is, how do I get a matte finish like the one in this photo?...

    AlexClick image for larger version. 

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    Ten thin coats of boiled linseed oil.

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    And that's all I need is it?

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    Best way;
    1. Clean off all old finish.
    2. Stain down as required. This will raise the grain.
    3. Rub oil on and straight away rub it over with 600 grade wet and dry to remove the raised grain and form a slurry of oil & wood dust. Rub this in with a finger tip and leave to dry.
    4.Once fully dry, lightly rub down to get velvet smooth finish. Repeat above if necessary until grain is fully filled.
    5. Thereafter apply coat after coat to build up a good cover through which the grain can show. Any imperfections can be taken off with wet and dry or very fine steel wool.
    6.When you are happy at the finish give it a very light rub end a final oil coat.
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    Go look at the detailed instructions and video for Pilkington's oil finish, even if you don't use that product.

    You could finish it with the most modern catatlyzed varnish and still get a matte or semi-gloss finish; it is engineered into the drying.

    I have had good results staining old linseed oil finished rifles which I completely stripped, by using alcohol stains.

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    Alkanet Root oil and linseed oil Alkanet Root oil to darken linseed oil to finish hope this helps

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    Thanks for the tips chaps, I'll give it a go and post the finished photos, somehow I can guarantee that I'll do it wrong and it will end up glossy

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    Lakeone products are good and no need to use linseed oil...if you don't want...I used to use them a lot. #9 "American Walnut" was my preferred. Liquid Staining Wax.

    I got mine...well they last a long I can't remember. But these folks I found by a keyword internet search. They'll be others. That might have the stains and staining waxes.

    Lakeone wood finishes at Finneys Wood Finishes
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    The best stuff for staining gunstocks IMO is the proper oil of alkanet root.

    i got a bottle of it from Dig Haddoke at

    smells like baby vomit and looks worryingly red but really brings up the blacks and dark ends the rest nicely.

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    Napier do a stock refinishing kit with all you need inside.

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