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Thread: Lab and Cocker Studs

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    Lab and Cocker Studs

    We have 3 dogs to offer at Stud, all KC registered and can provide details if required.

    Yellow Lab - approx 4 years old (shown on his own and nearest to the camera)
    Picking up dog doing 60+ days a year from the grouse and through to February.
    Goes all day, day in day out and hunts hard.
    Strong dog but not massive, built like a hunter rather than a race horse or a cart horse.
    Has sired a litter previously, unregistered due to the age of the bitch but all the pups are now serious working dogs.

    Red Lab Dog - approx 4 years old (far right of the picture in the snow)
    Picking up dog doing 60+ days a year again from the grouse through to February.
    Tall rangy dog that hunts like hell and never seems to get tired.

    Black Cocker Dog - approx 3 years old (picture on the moor, different to the dog in the snow)
    Does everything, beats picks up and shoot over him a lot. Did 60+ days picking up this season.
    Most laid back and sensible Cocker I have seen but very well bred. Sits on a peg no problem at all but hunts fast and hard when turned loose.
    Leggy type of dog, never seen one bigger which is great on the moor. Jumps like a gazelle (easily does a 5 bar gate which is odd to watch).

    We have a team of dogs out and between us do over 100 days a year picking up etc so the dogs sort of cycle through to rest


    Based just outside Aberdeen, PM me for more details. Will get more pictures up as I dog them out and take fresh of the Red dog as he rarely poses!


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    Dan some lovely looking well kept dogs there a credit to you
    regards pete

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    Dan I think if you are going to promote the sale of dogs and also your dogs at stud you should consider taking out trade membership. It is unfair on others if you are advertising your trade without paying 10 per month.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    He's hardly promoting a business ?

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    All paid up for trade so hopefully some of you will like what you see.



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    Interested in the red lab for stud can you email pedigree.

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