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Thread: Tikka 695 plastic stock

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    Tikka 695 plastic stock

    Guys looking for a tikka 695 690 plastic stock for the 280 action with sling fittings ,it don't matter if its been bashed as long as it still will except the metal work , I wish to try bedding and to fit a home made cheek riser have it hydro coated if it all works out , so if I trash it it wont matter that much I have bank trans or a rubber sako 75 stock opened out to take a fat barrel to exchange if it helps.

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    some one must have one sitting around there is a wood one with my Jager SA. being re finished and a new but pad but anyone who knows me will know me and wood just don't get on. so that could be an option.

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    Hens teeth springs to mind. I've got a standard wood 695 stock ?

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    They are around but norm they are with the rifle but saying that some unlike me may like wood and have one collecting dust as my wood stocks do lol .Attachment 66014 This is the .280 Ack at the mo as you can see with the v8 I need more lift and why I wish to chop and play with an unwanted stock behind that if I cook it up I still have a stock but if I use this one I could end up back with the wood job

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