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Thread: Heads up - Admiral Multi Car Insurance

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    Heads up - Admiral Multi Car Insurance

    Take care!

    There has been some threads on here praising Admiral multi car insurance - and I was one of the (previously) happy Admiral customers - but the renewals have just come in for our cars at +65% to last years premiums (no, they're not on auto renew!) and with a 5 minute run around on t'interweb we can get like-for-like from top level insurers for 300 per year less.

    Definitely worth a quick look on the comparison sites.
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    True enough m8,they quoted daft renewal,got it cheaper from them on Go bloomin compare ,and no they couldn,t justify why
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    I'v been with them for years the only way i get a deal is every f***** year is to go on that singing site find a deal ring them up ! they say who can you get that price from? i say YOU!!! Then i have to stop my insurance and get the new customer deals ??? they could give a toss about the drivers that stay with them for years .

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    my wife rung them last year to renew and when I overheard the renewal price I went ape! (It had gone up about 150 for no reason)
    My wife put me on the phone so I told them what I thought. (I said I wasn't happy it had gone up so much and I would be going onto a comparison site before I renewed with them)
    They put me on to someone else who dropped the price almost back to what It was last year, no questions asked!

    They just try to get what they can out of your pocket!

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    Just check when you get your quotes they are for 12 months not 10 months.Wf1

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    We had an utter nightmare when somebody drove into our Audi. It took a real fight to get them to use an Audi Approved repairer to maintain Audi warranties. They wanted me to use an outfit where previously I had a car repaired and it rusted in two years and would honour the warranty. Admiral will not allow manufacturers parts etc to be used if car is more than three years old.

    We we have gone back to CLA.

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    That is true. They always quote silly prices. Call them back, tell them what you wrote here, and say bye bye. I guarantee you they will come very close, even match the price you got. I always give them a slightly lower amount for my 'like to like' and I always manage at least the same true premium.
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    I've just renewed mine again via zenith. It dropped by 46 this year.
    I'm getting alot of calls lately saying I've been in a car crash and they are here to help me claim compensation. Anyone no how to block nuisance calls to my mobile.

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    Your phone may be able to block individual callers , I have an iPhone 5 and you can do that, this will limit calls from the same company, I believe you can register your number withe the telephone preference service , you can
    then mention this to unwanted marketing callers and tell them to stop calling you. (they can be fined)

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    Paul, how do you do that with your phone ? , the call barring I mean, Steve.
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