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Thread: Javelin Bipods

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    Javelin Bipods

    I have just bought one of the new Mk2 versions of the Javelin bipod. It is a superb bit of kit and I have had excellent service from Spartan. It took a few to & fro emails to work out the right length of screw to go though the fore end of my rifle, but all handled cry quickly & smoothly.

    An excellent product which is streets ahead of the Harris bipod I had previously.

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    What is the difference between a Mk1 and a Mk2?

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    I had contacted them over Christmas about buying on & they suggested I wait for the new version. I was looking at the Blaser specific one, but getting the Javelin is 150 cheaper. Have just copied this bit from their website:
    The Javelin MkII is the result of 5 years of development and feedback from many of the 3000 owners around the world.
    You've asked, we've listened!
    It is made from ultra strong carbon fibre and 7075 aerospace aluminium so it weighs a fraction of regular bipods. The Javelin uses rare earth magnets to connect the bipod to the rifle.
    New features include:
    much wider stance for even greater stability
    removeable leg stops to prevent pulling them out
    long tight rubber boots
    tungsten tips for rock and ice

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    Thanks, I have found it on their website now, it wasn't on there last week when I looked.

    I have one the Mk1 versions and would totally agree that it needs to open wider for increased stability and have a mechanism to prevent the legs from pulling out when you extend them.

    Seems like they have listened.

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    I have recently bought one too, with a gunsmith mount. Very very impressed with the quality and level of customer service.

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    Great piece of kit! Would also recommend!

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    The second generation model really does make the Javelin a great little bipod. The chaps at Spartan are genuinely nice blokes and should be very proud of what they've created, the workmanship and materials they've used are top notch - as you'd expect if Blaser have chosen to stick their name on it.

    I've been following the development of their Kapita tripod shooting sticks for about 3 years now. Fantastic bit of kit, but sadly with a price to match.

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