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    Help needed

    I have had to start using factory ammunition in my Sako 6.5 x55 . I purchased some Fedral power shock in 140 grain . When zeroing them in they produce a 2 inch group at 70m at 100m they produce bullets within a 5 inch circle which are everywhere . i have check all the obvious things scope ,stock screws . Any ideas ?

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    have you any other ammo?try some privvi 139gr they work well in my tikka hunter 6x5x55,,,,,is there a mod fitted if so try some rounds without it,,,,,,let someone else have a go,,,,are they grouping well but just not tight enough? change the ammo,,,,maybe a good clean through,,.,,,also are you using a bipod ?off a bench /bags /concrete,,,,,no help really but things to eliminate keep us informed,,,,if you cant get any i can do a swap box but i,m nr jct23 m6,,,atb doug
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    be methodical and change one thing at a time till you figure it out.

    it sounds like your rifle shot well with home loads. if that is the case it is likely that your rifle doesn't like the ammunition so first thing would be to try another couple of types. I guess that will solve your problem but if not then check your scope bases and rings are all tight (I had my bases loosen on my 202 and caused the same symptoms as you see). try with mod on and off then clean the rifle and repeat.

    after that if you still have problems, consider putting it to a competent riflesmith (depending on your abilities). I didn't want to mess with mine too much when I had issues and let an expert handle it. although when it was a loose screw on the base I did feel like a plum.

    p.s I think if there was a physical problem with your rifle / scope / rings / bases then you would have the same issue with your home loads which I am guessing shot satisfactory groups.
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    Hi Doug
    i purchased some privi bullets as you suggested and shooting off sand bags as opposed to a bipod and achieve a consistent 1 inch group . Thank you for the advice .


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    That makes sense, Sakos tend to be accurate rifles.

    did you try the federals from the bag, out of curiosity?

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    your wellcome mate ive only had two bad rounds out of a few boxes ,,one which was on my dsc1 test

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    Hi Hubert
    no I didn't try the Federal from the sand bags . It's a good call I will let you know the results .


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    I shoot Sako 75 in 6.5x55 with home loading, extremely accurate. How long have you had the rifle? Did you buy the rifle new or second hand? If you have checked all the obvious, perhaps take your rifle to reputable gunsmith, to check the state of the rifling. if you hunt, You will need to shot the rifle with acceptable level of accuracy using bipod, Sand bags are useful when zeroing your rifle. not always convenient to take with you on a hunting trip,
    Load your own amo, the best way to get the best accuracy from your rifle
    Good luck

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    My experience of chronographing and testing some US manufactured 6.5X55mm ammunition makes (on the range, I don't have any field use) is that it is loaded to abysmally anemic levels. This is because of the incidence of 6.5X55mm Norwegian Krag-Jorgenson rifles in the US which have a reputation for tight bores, weak actions, and an undesirable tendency to self-destruct with any loading which generates a reasonable amount of pressure.

    The CIP European standard for modern rifles is the 6.5X55mm SKAN which is rated at 55,000 psi MAP using the Piezzo crystal measuring system, still lower than say 308 Win and similat at around 60,000 psi but way above what some American manufacturers use which likely fails to achieve 40,000 psi. Even at that, Lapua match 6.5X55mm is obviously not loaded to SKAN levels, rather 45,000 psi in the likelihood of being used in M1896 Swedish Mausers in Historic Arms shooting. I would expect (hope?) that European fieldsports ammo woulkd be loaded somewhat warmer still to achieve SKAN performance levels.

    So, there may be a rifle / scope etc problem or there may very well be an ammunition problem here. I'd suggest trying some European factory ammo before blaming the rifle.

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