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Thread: 308,220gr round nose

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    308,220gr round nose

    Has anyone loaded these bullets in a 308. Would be obliged if they could post them or if anyone has quickly could you please find some loads. Thanks in advance

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    I regularly load hornady amax 208gn and berger 215gn bullets for purposes other than deer.

    You are looking at similar loads however at these weights for this cartridge it is easy to do something foolish so be vigilant, it is possible to have a rifle or cartridge malfunction with the bullet weights and powders necessary for them in this calibre. Dont take someone's load as gospel as you dont know what type of action, barrel, case strength/age are involved.

    choice of N150/N550/Reloder17/RS60 powders. There is a fair amount of data for Lapua 220 BT and Sierra/Berger range of bullets between 200-240gns. Match your bullet weight to twist before you experiment. Start off 10 percent under and work up in your rifle. There arent any safe shortcuts at this end of the spectrum.

    round nose-my only experience is with much lighter bullets but there was issues with them being long enough which shouldn't effect you in the same way.

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    I have shot them from 1-10" twist 30-40 Krag Jorgensen rifles. They were practically made for the Krag so there was never an issue. Accuracy was great, stopping powder unquestioned. The problem with this bullet in the 308 is length. The KRag has a long neck, and long throat, which allows the bullet to be seated out to almost 3.1 inches -about .3 inches over max 308 length. Chances are that this would be taken up inside the case of a 308. Velocities are somewhat slow and if you have a 1-11 or 1-12" gun, stability might be at issue at 2000 fps. the 220 Hornady bullet is a long one. Case capacities on the Krag and 308 are similar so you might try a starting load from a 30-40 / 220 load as a jump off point.

    Lastly, I have heard that this bullet was discontinued by Hornady. Unless you can get them cheaply and feel like experimenting, you might want to give them a pass. Certainly a waste of time working up loads with a long term goal in mind.~Muir

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    It is a parker hale, I haven't yet checked how far out I can seat the bullet. Plenty of room in the magazine. 1 in 10 twist. Sierra pro hunter bullets. Gunshop has plenty in stock

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    But why???

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    Srvet, stopping round for upto 50 yards. Tracking rifle

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    Fair enough but I suspect you will lose more than you will gain with bullets over 180grain. I have used 180g round nosed bullets in my 308 and found them fairly mediocre on woodland reds and roe. I would have thought that all you will gain is penetration rather than energy transfer. Would be interested to know what you find!

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    Not in my 308 but have loaded those bullets over RL 17 in my 3006.

    seem to hit harder than pointed bullets like the 200 grain Nosler Accubonds but didn't penetrate as much.

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    As far as I know no commercial .308 220gr loads have ever been manufactured, so there’s very little to go on.

    The reasoning for the original 1:12” twist design for .308 Win was an upper limit of 200gr, whereas the .30-06 which had the capacity to take slower powders for 220gr bullets was best with the 1:10”.

    There are 1:10” twist .308’s about I know (although it says 1:12” is standard for Parker-Hales in my book) but MV’s attainable with 220gr in the .30-06 are much faster. There’s quite a bit of discussion of this in the Speer #13 & #14 manuals, but no data of course
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    I have managed to obtain quickload data. Rifle is definately 1 in 10 twist. Hornady make custom ammunition with 220gr RN bullet but I think I'll struggle to get hold of it.
    If i can get around 2300fps it will be fine. Reloader 17 looks like the best of the powders I have. Starting load of 45gr gives 2195fps, max load 46.9 giving 2295fps.

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