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Thread: 6.5x55 Die Set

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    6.5x55 Die Set

    Anybody with a 6.5x55 die set which they are willing to part with? Cash waiting.

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    I've got a lyman 2 die set 25 posted if that's any good

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    Thanks for the response Archie but I am after something a little more 'upmarket'.

    Having done a little more research, ideally I am after Redding Competition Dies. Or just any Redding dies. (Might consider RCBS).

    So, anybody got some they are willing to sell?

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    I Have a set of Redding 6.5mm x 55 S.Mauser dies like new
    There is 3 dies in the box
    1st Neck sizing die
    2nd Bullet seating die
    3rd Body die
    spare decapping pin and allen key
    In there original green plastic box
    drop me PM if you are interested

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