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Thread: Simmons lrf 600

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    Simmons lrf 600

    Has anyone used one of these? I just want a basic range finder that is accurate to say 250m and reliably tells me when things are beyond that. Also it needs to work in hill stalking conditions.


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    From reviews I have read by owners, the Simmons 801600 and Nikon Aculon 600 will do a good job to 250m, but after that, they need a solid object like a rock to give better readings. I think that in the $150 and below range, I would go with the Nikon or Bushnell.

    I have been shopping for my first laser range finder, mostly out of curiosity, and have found that some reticles just don't work for me. It is hard to find good, objective reviews. This site is the best I have found, just yesterday, and their assessments coincide with the actual models I have tried.

    Laser Rangefinder Review

    I have handled some of these, like the Leupold 1000 and Vortex 1000, and they were very nice. Took them outside and shot known ranges on soft targets to 450 yards and they were fast and right on... but $375.00 USD

    Most that say 600 yards are only good to 300. The better 600 yarders, like the Nikon Prostaff, are good to 400 on game, 550 on a solid object like a building or rock face. The 1500 yarders seem to be what is necessary for reading on fur at 600, but realistically, if you are not going to shoot much beyond 300, then all the other ranging will be on rocks and solid things, just to get the general distance you have to close.

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    thanks Southern, that's really helpful. Plenty of used Bushnell about on US e bay, so will continue my hunt there.


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    Just as I typed that, I had a "best Offer" accepted for a Bushnell Pinseeker 1500. lets see what its like!

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