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Thread: What Jacket

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    What Jacket

    I find myself in need of a new jacket, I like Harkila (Pro Hunter, Pro Hunter X) whats your thoughts on them or an alternative ?

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    Personally I don't like bulky jackets so where possible I prefer to wear a decent water resistant fleece (swedteam) and thermals if its cold, but when its absolutely peeing down thats not possible of course and I've got a Country Innovations Ventile smock. I know some don't like them but Ive been very pleased with it, kept me dry!. Next time around I might be tempted by some of the Army Surplus (Austrian Mountain Jacket in plain olive for example) as it makes my eyes water looking at the costs of some of the jackets out there.

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    I purchased the Deerhunter "Muflon" jacket and trousers and they are excellent! Definitely the best hunting clothing I've ever had. I sat out in -16 degrees C last week in Germany with just this kit and was toasty warm!! The whole kit was about 330.

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    It depends what you want really.
    I wanted a layering system, so I could have an insulation jacket and a Waterproof outer.
    I went for the KUIU brand.

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    Got some Kuiu stuff for Xmas and am really impressed

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    Agreed, Kuiu all the way, I got a Yukon in the Verde pattern, does EXACTLY what it says on the tin, I wear it over everything from a t-shirt to a snugpak elite Smock.

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    Wearite jackets are always worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    Wearite jackets are always worth a look.
    Yep, good gear for not a lot of money, my mate has just got a Cyclone coat, smart enough for formal driven days but cheap enough for every day keepers work, 80 quid I think it cost him, a guy that picks up for him thought it was a schoffel!!!

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    I have a pro hunter, the only coat iv had that is acctually waterproof! Cheers

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    +1 I wouldn't be without my Pro Hunter; warm (very!), truly waterproof (stands the test of lying on wet ground and under persistent rain) and incredibly robust. That said, it is bulky and heavy and therefore, unless raining, I tend to leave on the hook for a good 1/2 of the year. However, when raining or cold, I'm incredibly glad it's there to pull on, including for non-shooting events (son's football training and matches and family walks). It was an expensive purchase, but I'm getting my monies worth.

    Has anyone ever regretted buying a Pro Hunter?


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