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Thread: Ended the night on a low...

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    Ended the night on a low...

    Went out stalking to a local permission for a few hours, lovely night for it but no joy on the deer front. Not even any foxes around, although i did find a dead one in the middle of one of the fields i shoot, which leads me to ask, who else is shooting this ground!? The landowner told me theres a few people shoot pigeons and one which has a .17, but recently i have found a load of holes in a 45 gallon drum with the remains of what look like .243 or some other full bore metal jackets inside it. Hmm. Anyways, thats another story.

    On the way home, in my old landy, i had a boy racer in an astra up my chuff (In fairness i was doing 40..). He overtook me going hell for leather, as he pulled onto my side of the road, a deer stepped out, which he ploughed into, he hit her from about middle of the stomach to the head. It wasnt his fault and he couldnt have avoided it, however, he didnt stop. I obviously did.. Poor little roe doe, luckily killed instantly but pretty much not a bone left in its body not broken. I fully expected the lad to come back, but he didnt..

    I was pretty gutted thinking that there may be a fawn orphaned as well as this lovely little doe had a gruesome end. But i was livid that living in the countryside (boy racer or not) you would have thought the lad would have stopped to see what he had hit and if it was dead. I pulled it off the road into the edge of the field and went home.

    An experience i hope i dont see often!

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    Probably cr***ing it with no insurance etc.
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    You're probably right - probably one of the 100's thousands of people in this country with no insurance. If only they could stop every one of them.....

    Wait till you have some little sheit plough into you with no insurance (my mate recently said goodbye to a mint Imported Nissan R32 Skyline that was worth in bits about 40K) because some idiot thought he'd cut him up - he got offered 8K from the insurance, so is buying the car to chop up himself. The court gave the Asian lad a 500 fine and a six month ban - no way to get his money back -


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    Another marvelous example of the calibre of complete idiots we are surrounded by!

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    A ban which does what, ensures they dont go and get in another car, i mean whats gonna happen to them, they have no licence to lose, maybe get another fine, which if they cant afford to pay will be put on hold.. Its shocking! little sh*ts

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    I wonder if he would have stopped if he'd hit a person rather than a deer....?
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    With a bit of luck he'll the incident will have done a decent bit of damage to his chaved up astra

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