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Thread: Zeiss Dialyt 8x56B T*P*

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    Zeiss Dialyt 8x56B T*P*

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    I am selling a Zeiss Dialyt 8x56B T*P* binocular. Made in Germany. Serial Number 2391372
    There are minor marks consistent with light use on the body.

    The lenses are clear and unmarked.

    The mechanism is smooth and fully functional.

    Attached to the original Zeiss strap together with Zeiss lens cover.

    Original Instruction Leaflet included in sale.

    Best new price I found is 1,328. Price 575 shipped RM Special Delivery to all UK Mainland addresses.

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    Sorry idiot me posted this twice. Perhaps it can be made good by those with the technical knowledge and power to do so.

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