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Thread: .17 bits and pieces

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    .17 bits and pieces

    I am starting to gather up 17 bits and pieces for the future purchase of a 17 hornet
    Eg, - reloading bits
    - cleaning rod, brushes, jags bore snake etc etc
    Pm me with what u have and price
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    get in touch with reloading solutions they have all the kit you will need-

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    hi plz don't use a bore snake, get a bore guide and good quality rod tipton proshot, don't use bronze brushes, and a good tip is don't get a 17bore guide get a 22 cf one and use 1-18 patches seem weird, but it works but use a 17 jag ive been shooting 17,s for 25 years and cleaned a lot of barrels the 17 patches they sell here are to small regards dave.

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    Thanks for that dave
    Why not use bronze brushes ?

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    hi, your trying to get rid of copper fouling in your barrel, by using a copper and bore solvent, so you don't want to scrub your bore with a copper or bronze the copper solvent will eat away at your brush use a nylon one regards dave.

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    hi bri the way I clean my 17rem is first I use 2or3 soaked patches once thrue your bore, have a brew let it soak then one more wet patch and dry the bore with patches and finish with a patch with butches bore oil dave

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