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    Green Parka

    I have been rooting around and having a clear out to save my Mrs doing it later !!
    I have an original Army issue Parka for sale.
    It was issued to me for Norway and 'lost' so I had to pay for it, can't remember how much I paid but looking at it I reckon it's got to be worth 50 to include posting or 40 collected.
    It is the one with the wire in the hood, the 'bit' that goes between your legs and fastens at the front, it has a low back and lined.
    It is not the sort of Jacket I would like to wear when walking a long distance as it is quite heavy, particularly for me now at my present age, wasn't a problem when issued to me as I was much fitter then.
    I'm not very good at pictures but I am sure there are enough ex- military on site to know what I am talking about or google if not ex-military.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pridge View Post
    Size ????
    Good point pridge.
    I note that you haven't put your location in your Avator otherwise if you were interested I could pop round and let you try it on.
    It states inside size 8 but 8 of what I have no idea.
    All I know is that it still fits me and I have a 48" chest and wear a heavy knit pullover.
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