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Thread: Grumpy old man rant

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    Grumpy old man rant

    What is it with people not clearing their dog ***** away? I've just been out for a walk with my hound and I've gone past a small national parks car park with one van in it, occupants both observing their dog stood in the middle of the car park curling one out. It was obvious that they weren't going to do anything about it so I hung around until they clocked me and one of them got out emptying a carrier bag which they duly picked up the *****. Happy days I thought, but the mistrusting part of me got the better of me and on my return I wenth through the car park to find said carrier bag of ***** sat next to where the van had been. They were less than 10m from a fecking bin - what is it with some people??

    .......actually, I know the answer to that as brain ache's van was now parked maybe as far as 30m away outside the house he was obviously working in. Suffice to say the bag is now adorning his wing mirror - it took me all I had not to plaster it over the drivers seat.

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    The problem is getting worse .... everywhere you go.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    My misses has just set a campaign in our local town because of it, twice this week she has wheeled the pram through it not realising it was on the pavement and then onto the carpet of the hallway, as our daughter of 9months has just starting crawling, twice this week I have had to hire the carpet cleaner. It is one of our pet hates, it just pure bone idleness.

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    It's directly linked to the fact that an increasing number of complete idiots are now proud dog owners. People with no understanding or even desire to learn about training, obedience, healthcare and any other aspect of dog ownership. They see a pretty dog and next week they go out and buy a puppy of the same breed, with no idea what they're doing, no consideration for its suitability for their experience or lifestyle. I know a woman who had a Rottweiler as a first dog and rehomed it at 18 months old because it was too big and energetic and "badly behave" (I.e she had no idea of how to handle or train it). Then a couple of years later she bought a collie! And the same thing happened.
    This is the type of genius we're up against, so of course they can't be ***** to pick up turds.
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    I hate the black bag owner's that collect the crap but then drop it at rot so if you step on it its like a land mine of Sh** , what is the point of doing that while I am on that why do folk let there dogs crap at game fairs and walk away ??? ahhhhh its not just the idiots some well informed folk think its below them as well ? PICK UP YOUR SH** AND GO Please ! as others don't wish to take it home for YOU??

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    Junkies wi Huskies....match made in heaven

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    I don't get the ones who pick up the turds in the plastic bags and then adorn trees with them!!!!!??
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Ive always been fortunate to live rurally and have not had to pick up my dogs turd. About 10 years ago I started working in London on a regular basis and took my then 8 year old lab with me on the daily commute. I will never forget the look she gave the first time she curled one out in Battersea park and turned round to see me picking it up. Priceless.... It was a definite wtf are you doing look. I laughed out loud.

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