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Thread: Mcmillan Stock

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    Mcmillan Stock

    Wanted Mcmillan Remington Varmint Stock to fit Remington 700 Short action, will also consider a Remington Hunter.


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    Hi ya mate not sure if this will be what your after but I purchased some time ago a McMillan a4 stock for a rifle I was going to have made by forsale precision in Germany the stock took 7 months to arrive by that time I didn't have the funds to complete. It's uncut so various rifles could be cut to fit. It's got an adjustable cheek piece cost me 550 quid plus carriage open to offers its marble effect camo brown green and grey.

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    Thanks for the offer Firthy but thats not what i am after


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    I have a as new lazzeroni t/h stock which I bought for my Remington 223 heavy barrel


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