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Thread: Have a free laugh on me

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    Have a free laugh on me

    a week or two ago i went and bought myself a powder thrower but when i was down the gunshop i noticed they had a secondhand hornady one in so i struck a deal with them and away i went, when i bought it tho i was told there was no instructions but i should be able to find them online but seeing as i had owned a powder thrower in the past i knew how they worked so i didnt need to, so anyhow tonight im using the thing in the kitchen when i noticed a button on the side of it, ive noticed it before when using it but didnt want to push it as i didnt know what it did but tonight curiosity got the better of me so off i went and gave it a big old push and whack out falls the measuring part of the thrower shortly followed by nearly half a tube of powder all over the table the floor and a good dose sat in my lap. the wife then has to come out and help me clean the bloody powder off my lap trying to salvage as much as i can with me sat there like im some sort of toddler whos chucked his dinner all over himself what a pr1ck i felt

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    Ha ha, I probably would have learnt the hard way too! Bet that will teach you!

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    never press the red button,,

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    Curiosity killed the cat don't you know!

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    How much N160 did you need to get the Vacuum cleaner up to the minimum legal energy level for deer in England?

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    Its like the powerful draw of the big red button emblazoned with the words 'DO NOT PRESS'!
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    Sounds like it there had been a message, in big letters, "DON'T PUSH HERE" you would have done it to find out why. Live and learn.

    Has your misses stopped laughing yet.

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    just spouted out a load of coffee all over the dashboard of the bosses car,

    what a laugh, just made my day on the way back,

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    At how much a pot never mind now you know what its for

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