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Thread: Thoughts on getting this measured

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    Thoughts on getting this measured

    I have had this head for a year or so now. I have no idea about medals but this weighed 472gClick image for larger version. 

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    Looks as though skull and antlers are wet so not a dry weight. Antlers are very slight and not of medal class....

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    cheers for the reply bill. this was taken over a year ago just after id boiled it. its thicker than it looks ;-)

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    Long head, and if you don't mind my saying not a particularly attractive head. Depends on the weight but it might go bronze. You have noting to loose taking it to get it measured. You might even end up being surprised as its never easy to tell from just a photo.

    Either way good luck with it.
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    Cheers malc.

    never been 1 for medals .... But the Mrs bought new scales so I thought I'd weigh it. I'll agree it's horrible to look at but it carries a wee bit of weight.
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    Pop it into Bushwear in Perth when you're down. I think you don't pay anything if it doesn't make a medal. It will be interesting to go through the exercise.
    Good hunting.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	73016Here is the scoring from Moy fair. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough........but had weight.

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    I had 2 go up to Moy at nearly the exact same weight as yours. One went 101.1 and the other 107.58. Done by CIC though. That is the first time I have seen the BASC one and it really does leave the whole system wide open for a bit of cheating dare I say it, especially the weight deductions of 5 and 10% for wet weight. For instance both of mine dropped nearer 13%. Think that discussion has been had on another thread though. Will post up the photos when I get in the house for a comparison.

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    Two nice heads there.

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