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Thread: .243 (6mm) Hornady 85gr Interbond

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    .243 (6mm) Hornady 85gr Interbond

    Evening Gents and Ladies,

    i was talking with a friend this evening about bullets, energy and accuracy, more whisky = more talk = more research.

    After lots of of discussion and after a bit of time on shooters calculator and various manufactures websites we concluded that the Hornady 85gr InterBond has more energy at the muzzle and at 175yds that the Sierra 100gr SP. Also as a shorter projectile it, theoretically, is probably more stable.

    Moving into practice, has anyone used these bullets to good effect in .243?

    i have plenty of first hand experience with these bullets in .308 (165gr) but are they comparable?

    lastly I have heard that they are difficult to acquire, so what are the recommended alternatives to this faster, tougher bullet?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Friend of mine uses them with H380 to excellent effect on fallow, roe and lowland reds!

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    Thanks DT, very useful to have some positive confirmation. I know that the round will not be legal for anything but Roe in Scotland however it's good to know that it knocks those bigger southern reds over.



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