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Thread: 308 Norma Magnum

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    308 Norma Magnum

    Ok I've got an old Mauser 308 barrelled action that I picked up at auction to use to build a nice classic stalking rifle on. The auction house didn't spot this nor did I at the time But its not a 308 win but 308 N MAG.

    The barrel looks quite good whats your thought could this be a nice odd ball stalking rifle, I believe very similar to 300 WM? or will it be a horrible kicky thing, that needs rebarreling?

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    within reason it's stock shape and rifle weight that causes recoil to affect you in a bad way , I run a 300rum and its a pussycat but it's really heavy and has a massive moderator or a good brake when I fire it.

    so I say go for the 308 norma mag and enjoy yourself but check on ammo availability before you commit if your not a reloader.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    It's very similar to a 7mm Rem Mag necked up to .308. So it will have a bit less powder and a longer neck than a 300WM. I would definitely give it a go, brass can be ordered from Norma, or factory ammo for that matter, or you can form it from readily available 7RM brass. It has a good reputation for accuracy, I'd suggest looking the round up on, there's a few reviews on there that I know of.

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    if you cant find brass for it the best option appears to be sizing 300wm brass which is more readily available

    I run a sporter 300wm that is not much heavier than my .270 Mauser which is light!

    kick is a fit issue but the 308nm is less punchy than the 300wm
    180gr for example sees
    308 NM - 63-67g N160 for 27-2900fps

    whereas I am feeding the 300WM
    69gr for 3000+

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    Happy with gun fit and stock shape (it's how I make my living!)

    however some rounds just kick like my 404 Jeffery.

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    Meant to add heavy and moderators don't go into classic stalking rifles for me! That's my modern remi style rifles.

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    Well it'll kick less than your 404 so can't be that bad.

    Rig her up on a bench, see how she shoots and go from there. It'll only be better with a properly built stock.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    It was ,once , popular on the continent. Countries like Belgium and France had a ban on the 30-06. I've Always heard that 30-06 rifles could be rechamberd to 308 Norma Magnum and so many military 30-06 rifles could be cheap transformed in legal sporting rifles.
    Dumoulin, wich is easely comparable to Rigby, made lots of sporting rifles in 308 Norma Mag. A friend has one and it shoots and kills like a dream.

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    Thanks guys sounds interesting ironically my 404 is a dumoulin, however it not a rifle that I shoot much or you ever continplate shooting large strings from.

    Does sound interesting over another 308 win and you have to love a belted case!!!

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    If you do, headspace off the shoulder and ignore the belt

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