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Thread: Swiss RS52 Load Data?

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    Swiss RS52 Load Data?

    I am finding it hard to find load data for Swiss RS52 using 155gr Bergers is anyone using this combination? What are your findings?

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    Nitrochemie's site

    has loads data for 308 Win (I presume this is the cartridge in question?) and three 155s with RS52. With an RWS case, it lists the AMAX as 46.4gn, Scenar as 45.3gn and Sierra MK later #2156 model as 46gn, all of these maximum loads. Actually, it lists them all irritatingly in metric data and with my browser, I can't get grains, fps etc and had to do a manual weight conversion. So, start around 42-43gn with the 155 or 155.5gn Berger and work up to somewhere on or slightly above 45gn.

    RS52 suits 308 and most bullet weights very well. It is a 'high-energy' powder which as per the established Vihtavuori N500 series, has nitroglycerin infused into the kernels increasing performance. It is also one of Nitrochemie's E.I. grades with advanced burning rate control which lengthens the peak burn period. Both of these increase performance, but if used to the maximum also increase barrel throat erosion. (Think Alliant Re17 / Reload Swiss RS60. RS52 is the same set-up but faster burning.) If worried about this, the untreated version, RS50 is an excellent alternative. Viht N140 starting loads can be used with the latter - it used to be sold as TR140 with the advice to use N140 loading data. (RS50 data are also available on the website.)

    As a general rule, wherever H. VarGet and Alliant Re15 do well, so does RS52 but the latter will produce slightly higher velocities. Although the data for the two cannot be directly transposed, I've yet to find a combination where the VarGet starting load couldn't be safely used and loads worked up from there.

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    That's very helpful. Thanks Laurie .308 is the cartridge in question.

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