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Thread: Stalking Essentials

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    Stalking Essentials

    As a bit of a novice stalker I don't have allot of kit apart from my .308 some good binos, my knife and a few high seats dotted around my farm. ( I don't even have a set of sticks yet)
    What would you say are your essential bits of kit you bring with you. What would you never be without.

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    A few sheets of toilet paper.


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    Nah, you've got pretty much everything you need.

    this is Lincolnshire we are talking about, we're never more than a few hundred yards from a car and if you have e means to spot, shoot and gralloch a deer then you can go back and get the rest.

    a set of sticks is good, a seat cushion for the highseats are nice, a drag rope with a loop that you can use with a deer's foot as a stick good too.

    If your clothing and footwear are also appropriate then what else is there that absolutely must be carried?

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    Face veil , plasterers tray and rope.

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    Looks like you have all you NEED.

    But a bit of rope is handy, and some wet wipes are useful.

    The more you take with, the more you loose...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Face veil , plasterers tray and rope.
    You take the plasterer's tray with you?


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    what the others say is right - nothing much missing apart from a drag rope, shoot a few and see how you get on.

    maybe a flask for cold mornings up the tree!

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    Oh yeah, and try to remember a small Led torch so that you can look for blood and mark the shot site with a bit of bog roll at the very least in the evenings.

    See, I forgot to put in my first post and I also forget to to put my little torch in my pocket in real life to...

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    Some good sticks if you are going to be foot stalking

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    sticks /rubber gloves/wipes,,,

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