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    376 Steyr

    Does anybody know if a magazine for the 376 Steyr Cartridge will fit in the Magazine well of Steyr Prohunter or the Scout, medium action, for the 308 family of cartridges ?

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    I do know that the .376 is built on a shortened 9.3 x 64 type case which is belted mag size ... so capacity would be reduced by 1 to start with.

    The ProHunter is made in .300WM so maybe, but the Scout is small or medium action size only.
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    Thanks for the info. It may work then as they did build/chamber the scout for the 376 Steyr cartridge.
    I am looking for a Prohunter/scout magazine that will hold 3 rounds of a .500 diameter cartridge (6.5 x 284).

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    Would the 9.3x62mm magazine work for you?

    Now that I know what you are trying to do, I sent an PM.

    Yes, the Steyr Scout was originally designed around the .376 Steyr, because Jeff Cooper wanted something like the .350 Rem Mag, but legal bore diameter for African big game. So the mag should work. Contact Steyr. If you cannot get a contact or a magazine to try, I know one of the Steyr gunsmiths and can ask him tomorrow.
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