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Thread: Swarovski - So glad I own one

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    Swarovski - So glad I own one

    Had my 8.5 x 42 EL's for about 16 years. Last spring I knock them off my highseat and broke the bayonet part of the ocular but because I use (and abuse) them so much it was not until 3 weeks ago I sent them off for repair.

    They were returned to me today with nothing to pay. Apart from the repair above they also gave the binos a complete service - I swear that the glass is different also replaced various internal bits according to the job list.

    We all know that Swarovski binoculars are very expensive but when you get this sort of backup if things go wrong, it is no wonder people are prepared to dig deeper into their pockets to buy quality and this type of backup.


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    Sent my 22 year old 10x42SLCs back as the focus wheel was starting to stiffen up. Within a week Swarovski had replied and that the charge for the repair to focus wheel and replacement of scratched lenses would be 63.
    What,to all intents and purposes is a new pair binos,were returned within 3 weeks,with new strap lens covers and carry case....

    you our really can't beat that for service.

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    It is an nice old fashioned way of doing business. Used to be the norm rather than the exception. Modern production and material technology makes for great performance of even the cheapest goods, but does not necessarily improve their longevity or repairability.

    But it is an expensive service and reputation to maintain, which is why you pay the premium price over the cost of production up front for that subsequent service.

    Gratifying when you have good service however you pay for it.


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