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    Just a few ramblings i came up near you last year and had a great weekend with two solid lads off here and got my first roe deer buck,,since then i have got my own land for deer , ,ive allways had my own land but no deer,,,, ok i travel 200miles all round trip but im not working my families all grown up so if i want to go i go overnight stop in a caravan i can do,if i get one i come home if i get none i,m not arsed ive been shooting all my life in one shape or form so its no biggie,having said that i still passionately love shooting,,,,,since i started with deer in 2014 ive done my first deer in scotland 180miles from here near you in fact,and also done and passed the dsc1 in scotland nr you as well,,,,i have now in total FOUR deer under my belt first accompanied the other three off my patch ,,,two bucks,and a doe with three legs that i shot a few months ago because it was suffering or seemed to be and still seems to be causing contraversy! ,,,plus another yearling doe that i got three weeks ago,,,,,and im not in any way shape or form an expert or deer manager and i would never profess to be either i am just an ordinary joe soap that puts some meat in the freezer now and then,,this reply s in response to the other thread as i had allready appologised for screwing it up to f/b just by answering the op,,,ps ive not forgot the invite from our first encounter,,,so it look as if the only deer available to me at the moment are all uphill behind that daft wall, regards doug,

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    Well said Doug!
    As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter one iota how many deer anyone might have shot, it's more important that they know what you are doing when the opportunity arises and are willing to share what knowledge they have with those "less knowing" than you so that they too can learn.
    While I have plenty of deer under my belt (So to speak) most of them are from farm and park culls (Sometimes up to 40 and 50 in a day between 3 guns) but I am sure that we all agree park and farm culling a totally different kettle of fish to deer stalking in it's truest sense. I acknowledge that I still have much to learn about stalking (Especially unaccompanied on my own permission) which is why I value the help and information given on The Stalking Directory by members such as yourself.
    Like you (And I suspect a great many other members of this forum) I have a real passion for shooting, especially deer stalking. However I fully accept that I and many others still have much to learn, which is why we sometimes ask what might well sound like silly questions to some, but how are we all going to learn unless we can ask these questions and get some helpful answers from the "more experienced or more knowledgeable".
    Long may your passion for shooting and willingness to try to help others continue!

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    I'm with frenchie and Andru, we all love being outdoors , wandering around with our rifles , it doesn't matter one jot if the trigger is pulled.

    its the freedom of being able to and to be responsible for our actions and quarry that makes it all worth while,

    lets not not make it rocket science!!!!



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    Nice rant mty well put Have at em Doug, tiz Your life so enjoy it you don't need to please any other bugger ?

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    Well said that Doug and well replied gents we are all here once and never stop learning .I work 5 days a week in a giant metal windowless shed so to get out stalking is heaven .Doesnt matter if a shots fired or not ,ive met some great people on and off here who are willing to help/share advice and time to anyone who needs it.Enjoy life its ours to live.
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Well done Andrew, an honest to goodness post. I doubt very much the OP was looking for any apologies from you, your replies were all sincere. Making a 200 mile round trip to you ground says everything about commitment on you part and nothing to do with how many deer one shoots, a bit like fishing, its a bonus if we get one.
    I would be a rich man if I had a pound for every time I came home with the same number of rounds. ATB john

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    Thanks lads my ramblings weren,t intended or pointed at R/D thats just the way it came out ,,and r/d knows that, it was just a rant as the other thread had been highjacked ,,,im not exuseing my actions or others i come on here to learn have a laugh and even maybe throw my hat in the ring but i,m not on here to boost my ego or get embroiled in farcebook bickering,,regards doug,,,,,,This thread is now closed,,
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