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Thread: Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x56 T* FL IR

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    Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x56 T* FL IR

    Hello all,
    first post!

    Just wondering if anyone has the Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x56 T* FL IR I'm looking to the Zeiss as it has the illuiminated crosshairs, I've asked my local dealer he can get them in at a very good price, i herd that it's not done but 1/4 clicks in 100yards and you have to order one specifically? Is that true? I'm mainly Hunting deer at low light(dusk and Early Morning), So clarity is a must, also doing a bit of lamping, and a bit of long range varmiting, I'm putting this on a tikka t3 light, if you could help I would appreciate it!


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    Yes you can order it with imperial click values
    I have 2 and they didn't take long to arrive after ordering

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    have one of those. normally come in 1 CM clicks so yes you need to order specifically if you want the 1/4 inch clicks. The IR is fantastic and the low light capability great. I personally prefer it over the Z6i as to my eye the Zeiss image is sharper. I`ve used the IR several times where it could have not been possible/extremely difficult to take the shot otherwise. Twice I heard from other stalkers they could not have seen any thing when they heard my shot (after correct identification). So 100% recommended. The 24 X mag comes handy on the range too, don`t have to walk 300 meters to see your shot as I could see the bullet hole in a white paper 300 meters away...

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    I'm fairly certain my metric one has 0.5cm at 100m clicks. This is about 0.18" at 100yds, which I reckon as 5 clicks to the minute at 100yds.

    It's fairly academic in my case, because in the field I don't twiddle and my zero is on at 200yds, and the 5 click per minute appoximation works fine (i.e. I don't do too badly) when I use the rifle for non-serious 300yds F/TR.

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    Thanks for the replies!!


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