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Thread: DMVQ Level 1 course.

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    DMVQ Level 1 course.

    REEVES are running a Deer Management Vocational Qualification (DMVQ) level 1 course, to be held between 20th-22nd March 2016 (inclusive). This is a very popular course, please contact Simon on 07768360320 for further details and to book your place.

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    Am I a bit thick here or is this just another new course that has been conjured up,(DMVQ) level 1. I am sorry if it has passed me by.Wf1

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    Thanks Kjf. Wf1

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    Can you tell me the difference between this and DSC 1, all these courses seem like money spinners and are they really needed

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    same thing, just given it a fancy name

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoeJones243 View Post
    Can you tell me the difference between this and DSC 1, all these courses seem like money spinners and are they really needed
    There is no difference.

    You can find a lot of the answers about the course here: DMQ - FAQ about DSC1 amp DSC2

    DSC1 is a largely theoretical course designed to provide a basic standard of knowledge about basic deer management and hygiene, with some practical sessions on shooting and safety. All DSC1 courses are assessed to meet the recognised current National Occupational Standards, so you can book with any provider in the knowledge that you will be taught the same syllabus to the same standards.

    From your introductory post you mention that you've only been stalking deer for a couple of years and want to learn more. You may find a DSC1 a useful way of doing that, with the added benefit of meeting like-minded people along the way. Alternatively you might want to build up knowledge and experience some other way. There's nothing compulsory about the DSC1.

    As to "money-spinners", any half-competent study of the finances of the organisations running the training will show this not to be the case. A quick search on this site will show that this comment is regularly trotted out. I can only surmise that it's made by those who lack the willingness, competence and/or business guile to set up and run the course themselves, since if there's so much money to be made there's nothing to stop them doing so!

    P.S. Of your eight posts to date, nearly all question the need/cost for DSC1 or the competence/intention of those providing the training. There are plenty of providers out there, including many on this Site. If your goal is to find a provider then why not simply ask for recommendations? That way you can make a judgement on which might best serve your purposes. If it's for some other reason then would you care to explain what that purpose is?
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