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Thread: Optilock 30mm Rings and Mounts

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    Optilock 30mm Rings and Mounts

    Looking for a set of blue Optilock bases and High 30mm rings for my Tikka T3

    If you have any spare please pm me with price etc


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    Do you really need high rings? They are REALLY high. What scope are you planning to mount?

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    Have a 6-24 Zeiss Victory diavari. I know the central turret aea needs clearing

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    I have a set of rings but no bases that I seem to remember are the high ones ''about 13mm to bottom of ring without the plastic insert in'' only thing is that although they have the inserts they don't have the 8 screws that fasten tops to bottoms
    If any use to you just give me word that you'll stick a tenner into the next H4H jar ya see flick me ya addy via pm and I'll see there posted to your before the middle of the week
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    Didn't read post properly, sorry...
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    Have sent you a pm

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    i have a set of optilock 30mm rings that i mounted a zeiss victory 6-24x56 in on a tikka they are med.

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    In that case pm me with what you want for them. I will have a high and medium option then

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    If you pm a email address I have a pic of the zeiss in the rings.

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    PayPal sent
    Pm postal details to you

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