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Thread: 14x1 mod for 6.5x55

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    14x1 mod for 6.5x55

    Does anyone have anything suitable? London, Hayward heath or Swindon are the locations that it could be collected from.

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    .270 or .30 would do the job I think

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    Got a .30 cal atec ccm4 at my rfd in Kent 14x1 thread let me know

    thanks Matt

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    Thanks Matt - how much is it?


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    Cm4 is a good lightweight mod I have Extra baffles on mine and makes it a bit quieter than with the 4 baffles that they come with, and they are Lightweight

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    Thanks Matt
    having looked around that's probably a bit far - I should be able to find one closer at a similar price. Thanks for shouting up though and if I struggle I'll let you know.

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    You could make me an offer if you wanted

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    I'm not sure of the geography but is this any good to you:

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    thanks everyone. I have bought a new Schulz and Larsen "hard core" moderator in the end - quite cheap from William Evans, hope it works OK but if not it looks pretty nice!


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