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Thread: scope ?

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    scope ?

    What magnification scope should I go for to go on a general vermin rifle 400-450 yard shots maximum if I fancy a play on targets most vermin would be 300 yards max whats people's experience I should ad aroud a 400 to 500 budget
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    Z6 5-30x50,ballistic turrets and plex reticle. If you can find one 2nd hand,great,if not,speak to Macleods,they have them in stock. For an extra 100 or so a ballistic cam is available that is engraved to the ballistics of your specific round. To me,the perfect scope for the distances you're speaking of,for varmint and targets.
    Otherwise,both the high mag Zeiss Victory and Meopta ZD are also excellent scopes,especially if you like twiddly knobs. The Meopta is especially good value at the moment. This is assuming that you're willing to pay well over a thousand on your optics. Good luck.

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    I bought a second hand Nightforce NSX for just this purpose. Stalkers are sniffy about its low light ability, paper punchers are sniffy about long range clarity. Haven't had an issue with either. Works fine under the lamp too. Does need the illuminated ret though because its central dot. But for half the price of a new one I'm very happy with it.

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    Leupold mk4 6.5x20-50lr/t plenty around 2hd ,a real lifetime warranty, not that you will need it. You can get pre set dials if you want, but even a idiot like me was able to make a ballistics strip.

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    Two rifles: One for vermin, one for the range. You know you want to.....

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